TV LED Philips 32PFS6401

TV LED Philips 32PFS6401 TV LED Philips 32PFS6401 TV LED Philips 32PFS6401 TV LED Philips 32PFS6401
Przekątna ekranu 32 "
Rozdzielczość 1080p - Full HD
Funkcje WiFi, Smart TV
Format obrazu 16/9
Jasność ekranu 300 cd/m2
Złącza HDMI 4
Wejścia Euro 1
Szerokość 78.6 cm
Pobór mocy 34 W
Pobór mocy w trybie czuwania 0.3 W
Standard Vesa 100 x 100
Klasa energetyczna A
TV LED Philips 32PFS6401 TV LED Philips 32PFS6401 TV LED Philips 32PFS6401 TV LED Philips 32PFS6401
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Opis produktu FHD Ultra Slim LED TV powered żeby Android TV with Ambilight 2-sided High-end looks in a compact design. The Philips 6400 Series brings full HD picture quality to a 32" screen. Packed with all the features you'd expect from bigger models, enjoy smart TV favorites like Androi d TV, Google Cast and Spotify. Ambilight 2-sided You’ve created a home that’s more than just a house, so why not choose a TV that is warm and inviting too? Philips unique Ambilight technology makes your screen much wider—and your viewing experience more immersive—by emitting an extra wide glow from two-sides of your TV screen onto the surrounding wall. Color, vibrancy and excitement move beyond the screen and into your living room to bring you a viewing experience beyond the ordinary. Slim aluminum pinch stands Every great artwork needs its own easel. And like every great artwork, your new Philips TV needs to be displayed in its rightful manner. Developed specifically for this model żeby our design team, these slim aluminum pinch stands are a true testament to the lightness and slim construction of this powerful TV series. Pixel Plus HD Philips Pixel Plus HD engine optimizes picture quality to deliver crisp images with beautiful contrast. So whether you’re streaming online or watching from a disc, you’ll enjoy sharper images with brighter whites and blacker blacks. Full HD LED TV Picture Quality matters. Regular HDTVs deliver quality, but you expect more. Imagine crisp detail paired with high brightness, incredible contrast and realistic colors for a true to life picture. Dual Core + Android With Android on your TV you'll navigate, launch apps and play videos in a way that is super fast, super intuitive, and super fun. The Android robot liberates the power of our Dual Core processor to get things done with speed and ease. Google Play Google Play™ has a rich catalogue of high quality games for all ages. Optimized for use on your TV, they look as great as they play. And there’s no need to clutter up your house with yet another gaming console; with a universal USB gaming control you can navigate and play with ease. Cloud Gaming Cloud Gaming offers a vast online catalogue of high quality games for every age, taste and gaming level. Simply pick a game and play on your TV!


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